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Design for the 21st Century

This site supports Design Education for all years, especially those who are studying Design at the John Warner School, in Hertfordshire.

Design is taught through the theme of ‘Design and the Built Environment’, ‘Urban Design’ and ‘Architecture’ and is a successful and well established course, both within the school and nationally.

Design is about designing and creating products, systems and environments to improve the quality of people’s lives and relationships and the courses we offer is rich with opportunities to explore this.

The main media we use is Graphics and Model Making, but at the heart of the subject is the design process. We are designers first and foremost.


Design Working

Here on this website you will find the resources, ideas and information, which will support and guide you and hopefully inspire you in your work. The site is always changing and is constantly evolving reflecting the true nature of design within the school and the world we live in.



A True Design Hero – George Clarke


George Clarke, architect and presenter.

George made a presentation at Imperial College in London (April 2017) to teachers and students alike, about his work and views on Architecture and Urban design, and the importance of the built environment in our lives. This was part of the Design & Technology Association’s ‘D&T Futures’ series of lectures.

George Clarke is a British architect, television presenter, lecturer and writer, best known for his work on the Channel 4 programmes The Home Show, The Restoration Man and George Clarke’s Amazing Spaces.

The Design Team

  • Mr P Jones, MSc, B.Ed – Head of Faculty, Course Leader for Design
  • Ms J Pope – Teacher
  • Mr A Powala – Support Staff

The Facilities

The Department is partially housed in the new DT block, which has two specialist design studios. Also, based in the main faculty building, are two creative design workshops and a specialist ICT CAD & graphics suite, which are well-equipped and resourced, including a number of A3 Colour printers.







Contact email: pfj@johnwarner.herts.sch.uk